Monday, May 7, 2012

Weekend Wrap-up

I guess I am becoming a "once a week" blogger. We had an AWESOME weekend packed with a date night and no naps for the boys. The awesome-ness started Friday when I picked up the boys from school. They have been so good lately so we decided to scratch our Friday afternoon Sonic happy hour and hit up a Yogurt Mountain. The squeals when we got in the car and they realized where we were going were priceless.
 Those are they faces of some very happy boys!
 Gotta get every last drop
Saturday morning we went to the Germantown Touch-A-Truck. Someone got some sticky fingers and tried to steal my sunglasses.
 A sweet policeman gave them badges. They were deputies for the day.
 Gotta love a good bulldozer.
 The best part of their morning...sitting inside the bulldozer. We went home, got their bags packed, and they spent the night with my parents.
Jason and I had us a little date night. We went to a Cinco De Mayo party at church and ate Swanky's tacos and then went to a late movie. Going to a late movie requires a large Starbucks drink (since my bedtime is 9:00) hidden in my purse. Since we got in at 1:00 am, we slept in.
Sunday afternoon, we picked the boys up at the zoo. We had a picnic with my parents. (Can I go ahead and say that Geez Louise it was HOT!!! And I hate to sweat.)
After our picnic, it was animal time. My Mom made the cutest scavenger hunts for the boys. They had to find animals like "Japanzees" (chimps) and "Rhinoooserouses" (Rhinos)
 Jackson took the scavenger hunt VERY SERIOUSLY!
 And Hudson, not so much! He had all his animals marked out in about 3 minutes.
It was an awesome weekend. We were exhausted and sweaty and that's the way it should be right? Since today is my day off, we have done NOTHING! We took naps and were lazy all day. That's the best way to follow up a busy weekend.

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emily said...

I love YoMo...almost as much as those sweet boys of yours!

Looks like a fun weekend!!