Monday, June 18, 2012

Allergies Are No Fun!

Jackson has had a really rough time lately with breathing issues. He's been hospitalized once, and in the ER once, and numerous breathing treatments in between. At our last Dr. appointment, he suggested that we see an allergist for further testing. 
He wanted me to take his picture with the toy he found there. 
 Jackson has no idea what is about to happen. 
 Jackson was SO brave when the Dr. did the testing. He didn't even flinch!
See, no tears! 
When the Dr. came back after the testing, if was VERY apparent that Jackson had some pretty bad allergies. He is allergic to everything outside-a little boys nightmare (but what I was hoping for...Glad it wasn't food allergies or allergic to the dog!). He is allergic to oak trees and pecan trees, rye grass, fall mold (found in dead leaves and hay-no more hay rides for this little boy), and pollen. We have a lot of new restrictions and lots of new meds, but now we know what is triggering him and how to prevent some serious episodes. We also found out that Jackson has a chronic sinus infection. He is on 3 weeks of antibiotics in hopes to knock it out. Praying that it resolves itself before we go back in 6 weeks.
It was a very long appointment....something a 2 year old dreads! He did pretty well...
...but I did have some bribes. =)


emily said...

Bless his heart! So much to go through for such a little guy.

Did the Dr say that he'll out grow these??

Joan said...

Found you on Pinterest...your boys remind me of my own (now 27 & 24)...our oldest has the same qualities & characteristics as your Jackson (all the way down to the allergies). Our John Michael, outgrew his allergies, played baseball all the way through college, is in the Air Force & now is married and has a little boy of his own.
A good doctor, consistent meds & bleaching his room every week helped us to get through those early years!
I hope this is some encouragement for you & Jackson!

Shannon said...

Joan, thank you so much for that comment! You did just give me so much encouragement. We are taking his meds and cleaning our house like crazy and I can already tell such a big difference. That is our Dr.s hope that he will outgrow it.