Monday, June 18, 2012

Church Picnic

Last Sunday was our church's picnic. This was the first year that we have been able to go and we had a blast!
As soon as we got there, the boys made a bee-line to the slide. Seriously, inflatables are one of their favorite things.
We then headed to the 3 story slide. We were watching the big kids and adults slide when my little daredevil said he wanted to try. I figured he would get to the top and chicken out, but he didn't. (We didn't know the trick that you needed to get wet first. That's why he didn't go very fast. He kept getting stuck.) He didn't realize that there was such a drop at the end of the slide. That's why the video cuts off, I had to talk him through jumping off the end. Our preacher's daughter was so sweet to let him jump to her. He told me later that he was scared an alligator was in the lake and that's why he didn't want to jump.
 My brave little guy!
 We swam with friends
 I sure do love that little guy!
 We (well, not me but the boys did) caught frogs with more friends. 
Look at that tiny frog.
Hudson also begged for cookies from our friends. 
 We ended the night with our own picnic at Sonic. (We missed out on the sno-cones at the picnic, so we needed some slushies and milk shakes!)
 We sure do LOVE our church and our friends.

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