Thursday, July 26, 2012

5th Birthday Party...An Olympic Event

I had been racking my brain for a while about what kind of party I would throw for Jackson. If you have been reading this blog for long, you know I go crazy for a theme. Jackson got very into the Olympic trials and cheering for Michael Phelps, so Olympics was perfect. I had to get my creative juices flowing since you can't just go out and buy Olympic party supplies at Party City. (Thankfully, lots of 4th of July stuff was on sale and Target's dollar spot came through again!)
I love the way my Mom's entryway turned out (We have birthday parties at their house because it is so much bigger than ours). It is so patriotic and FUN! I am also loving the Olympic torch that she found.
I drew this for the Chalkboard door.
The birthday boy LOVED the theme and all the decorations. He was ready for his friends and family to come party with him.
Loving the sunglasses and the t-shirts. (Thanks Target!)
Once the kids arrived, my Mom and I (the Olympic officials) were in charge of a few games.
We played "Olympic Ring" toss...
...and had a relay race.
I saw competitive-ness come out of some of these kids...mostly the boys!
It was time for cake and ice cream...
...and presents.
My favorite part of kid parties is opening presents. They all start out sitting and the more presents you open, the closer they are, to the point where they are opening presents themselves. It's hilarious!
After presents, it was time for some water events. First up, was shot put (or water balloons).
In true Haynes fashion, you can't have a holiday or party without something going wrong. We had weeks of drought in Memphis with 100 + temps. We decided to order an inflatable water slide for the kids to play on. Well, wouldn't you know that the 7 days leading up to the party were full of rain. The company called the morning of, while it was pouring down rain, and we decided to cancel the rental. During the party, we didn't have any rain, so we had to go to our back up plan...a slip-in-slide for our "100 meter swim". The kids didn't care, they had a blast racing each other and sliding around.
We did a little archery (water shooters)....
...and just had FUN!
I love these girls. I'm so thankful our kids our growing up together!
The kids all received gold medals for doing a great job during our Olympic games...
...and my friend Anna made these adorable Olympic cookies for their party favors. I added the gold medal tags to finish them off. His party was truly perfect...he still talks about it almost every day. Now, to plan Hudson's party in November! =)


Laurie Cohen said...

Your party looks fantastic. Great job! For any other mom's looking for Olympic party favors, we couldn't find them either, so we chose international party supplies and patriotic party supplies. We also came up with a few Olympic Party ideas of our own!

Congrats on your ingenuity!

{ L } said...

I JUST hosted an Olympic party last weekend so my eyes notice all things OLYMPIC! =) Your party is awesome! I really love all of your games and those cookies are super cute!

One Smart Cookie said...

I love the Olympic party theme! Very creative.