Friday, July 6, 2012


My sweet little Jackson,
How are you five? I remember the day you were born so vividly. I remember holding you in the crook of one arm and thinking about the future. At that time five seemed like an eternity away...and here we are today! Oh, how I wish I could just push pause, live in the now for a little bit, and take in everything so I don't forget! I want to remember your sweet voice. I want to remember how your little hand fits perfectly in mine. I want to remember the way you smell after a bath when you want to snuggle in my lap. I want to remember your laugh, your innocence...everything!
This year, I have seen you change so much. You have changed schools and met new friends. You have started writing well and actually started reading. I have seen your confidence soar. I am amazed daily at all the things you have learned.

You have found a new love for sports. You loved t-ball and are VERY excited for soccer in the fall. You love to flex your muscles and are always on the lookout for ways to make them bigger.
You told me yesterday that you wanted to be a "veteriditologist" (aka. veterinarian) so you could help sick dogs like Pete. You have also told me you wanted to be a car mechanic like Daddy, a life guard, or a pediatrician. You still have a few years to figure this out. =)
You are stubborn and hard-headed but also sweet and cautious. You are a little slow to make friends, but you are a loyal friend! You and Hudson are becoming extremely close. You have such a sweet friendship. You are quiet around strangers yet talk ALL THE TIME around your close buddies and your family.
The most important thing I am noticing about you is that you have a growing love for Jesus. You ask questions about Jesus and the Bible all the time. You love to read your "Jesus Story Book Bible" or your daily devotional book for boys before bed. You are able to learn scripture easily and you can recite it when asked. You love to go to church and enjoy being very involved. Your prayers, oh Jackson, your prayers are amazing! I have learned so much about child-like faith through you, Jackson! 
I love being your Mommy, Jax! You are precious, caring, stubborn, loving, rough, hilarious, kind-hearted, strong-willed, adorable, determined, and goofy. Your excitement for life is contagious! Your twinkle in your eyes and big smile brighten up everyone of my days!
Jackson, I love seeing the young man (can I say that at 5?) that you are becoming. You are my sweet little blessing. I can't wait to see what the Lord does in your life. You are going to do BIG things little boy!
I love you with all my heart! To the moon and back.

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Katherine said...

Sweet post! I can't believe our boys are turning 5!