Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Jackson's 5th Birthday Happenings

Jackson's 5th birthday was on Friday, July 6th. Since his birthday party was scheduled for the next weekend, we had some fun things planned for him. Friday, we took cupcakes to his friends at school. He put much thought into what kind of cupcakes he gave his friends. (Every time we are at the grocery, he looks at the cupcakes and thinks about what he will bring them. Seriously, he has done this for months.) He decided on Batman cupcakes with different icing. He even chose some with pink icing so the girls would be happy.
 Mommy and the birthday boy.
 Daddy was off work, so he got to come to the birthday party too. Jackson was SO excited to see his Daddy.
When we got home, he got to open his presents. He got a Beyblade starter kit from Mommy and Daddy, and a Beyblade from Hudson...
...and a Gibson's Donuts shirt from Mrs. Betsy. (This shirt is so cool and if you wear it to Gibson's, you get a free donut!)
Friday evening, he got to choose where he wanted to eat for dinner. He wanted Red Robin. We invited his Mimi and Buddy and Shawn and Darris. (I just love this picture!)
 They sang "Happy Birthday" and Jackson was mortified!
 He did like that they gave him a birthday ice cream sundae!
He also had left-over cupcakes from school. Boy, they needed their faces washed after eating blue and green cupcakes!
We have had a tradition for the last few years that the birthday kid gets "birthday cinnamon rolls" for their special breakfast. This year, we went a different route. We ordered a Texas donut from Gibson's Donuts. Oh. My. Word...we definitely have a new birthday breakfast tradition! (Jason, remember I will be 30 this year. Don't you think this would be perfect for me too?)
Jackson thought that the whole donut was for him! He was gracious and shared his yummy goodness. We went swimming that afternoon to burn all the sugar we had consumed from the last few meals. I would bet money that Jackson say he had a wonderful 5th birthday weekend.

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