Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Rookie Year Complete

Last night, we had Jackson's baseball party. It's a little bittersweet that the season is over. We made some great friends playing this year and Jackson had a blast, but it is ridiculously hot so I'm glad we aren't playing anymore.
I love looking at what a great player Jackson has come in just a few weeks. 
At the beginning of the season, he put his glove on the wrong hand. He would bat, hit the ball, and then go grab his glove to retrieve his ball instead of running the bases. (I know I have already posted this video on the blog...but it seriously makes my day every time I see it!)
He ended the year by knowing exactly which base to run to...and knowing home plate was the most important!
He started the year by hitting the ball off the tee...
...and ended the year by being pitched to and actually getting lots of hits. 

Last night, we celebrated with all his teammates. We ate and played and just had a good time being together.
 Jackson has made some sweet friends and we have really enjoyed getting to know their parents.
He is already excited about next year. Here's to my future Hall of Famer. =)

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emily said...

Way to go Jackson!!! I see the majors in his future!!