Thursday, August 23, 2012


I'm a little sad right now. This blog may be on its last leg. At the end of my last post, Google sent me a warning that I had reached the maximum memory that my site could handle. I can now pay/month to have a blog. (I will not be doing that!)
I'm not sure if I will quit blogging altogether or start a new blog. I will be sure to update if that is what I decide to do.

Monday, August 6, 2012

End of Summer 2012

Whew...the last few weeks have been CRAZY busy! We have had Jackson's birthday and birthday party, VBS, vacation, family come in to town, and now getting ready for a new school year. Just trying to get the old blog caught here we go!

I took a week off work to teach Vacation Bible School at our church. I was with the Kindergartners and can I go ahead and give Kindergarten teachers props. I was exhausted everyday when we got home. I love to see what they learned everyday and how sweet their child-like faith was. 
Thursday after VBS, we left town and headed to St. Louis. To say the boys were excited would be an understatement. Every sign that we saw on the highway, Jackson needed to point it out. "Hey Mom, there's a sign." "Daddy did you see that?". For five hours, we needed to tell him what every sign said.
We stopped halfway there in Sikeston to eat at Lambert's Cafe. 
We caught some rolls and filled our bellies and we were on our way to finish our trip.
Friday morning, we woke up bright and early to go to Six Flags. (I love the kid in the green shirt that is in our picture!) We had a blast at Six Flags. They boys loved seeing the characters. 
Jackson was able to ride some of the "big kid" rides and he loved them. I can't wait to ride the "really big kid" rides with him when he gets a bit bigger. 
While Jason and Jackson rode the rides, Hudson and I got to hang out and wait for them.
We went to the water park right before dinner to cool down a bit and then headed back to ride some more. We were there from the opening of the park until close. 
 We finished the night by riding the Ferris Wheel as the sunset.
Can you tell that I am holding on for dear life?
So what, we had ice cream for dinner at 9:00? It was quite possibly the most yummy ice cream I have ever eaten!
  The next day we ate lunch at Fitz's, a local root beer bottling company. Jason got the root beer...
...and Jackson chose the orange soda. 
The boy really enjoyed watching the machines bottle the root beer. It was such a neat place. When we were done with lunch, we went to City Museum. 
 What a crazy place. The day we went was SO HOT and SO CROWDED. We will definitely go back, but must be cooler and less crowded next time. We didn't get to explore as much as we would have liked to.
 The boys loved the huge ball pit...
 ...and the skateboard room. 
 We enjoyed climbing. The boys were so proud of themselves. 
The boys loved this giant playground. 
That night we headed to the arch and then to dinner. We had the best time hanging out as a family. We came back to Memphis exhausted and ready to head into the school year.