Thursday, August 23, 2012


I'm a little sad right now. This blog may be on its last leg. At the end of my last post, Google sent me a warning that I had reached the maximum memory that my site could handle. I can now pay/month to have a blog. (I will not be doing that!)
I'm not sure if I will quit blogging altogether or start a new blog. I will be sure to update if that is what I decide to do.


emily said...

Oh no! I'd hate to lose you my friend. (Are you on FB?)

Ericka Milford said...

No! I love your sweet blog!

Ashley said...

This makes a little sad! I really enjoy reading your blog! You could always go back and make a book from your older posts and then remove them to free up space, I am planning on trying to do that when I get enough that I can put it in a book. It seems like a neat way to look back over the years :)